3 Storeys by Esther Cox book launch

We're really excited to be holding the launch of Esther Cox's new book '3 Storeys' at Unlimited!... This beautifully illustrated playful book, published by Design for Today, is a wonderful celebration of everything that makes Esther's work so captivating and special.

Full of thoughtful, colourful and textural compositions based on her favourite Modernist buildings, you can cut the book into 3 layers (or storeys) in order to enjoy and discover the various architectural delights she has captured in her illustrations.

In Esthers' words "My intention was not to illustrate individual buildings but to project a feel for an era and celebrate the abstraction of form and ideas that Modernism as a movement championed. We live with buildings from all ages, stacked side by side, so the idea of being able to 'mix and match' architectural styles in a book of consequences was immediately appealing to me. I wanted to celebrate how diverse and decorative many buildings are from this period as I'm rather partial to patterns!"

The 3 Storeys book and prints will be available to buy from Unlimited - we will be exhibiting both in store from the 19 - 25 September. There will also be a launch evening at Unlimited on the 22 September, where you will be able to meet both the author/illustrator Esther Cox and publisher Joe Pearson of Design for Today.




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